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Chengdu Yingjiang Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd
About us

        Chengdu Yingjiang Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd. Sichuan radiator│Chengdu radiator│Chongqing radiator│Sichuan radiator factory│Chengdu radiator factory│High-temperature heat conducting oil radiator│FLOil cooler│Sichuan wood drying kiln, drying equipment│Chengdu Chinese medicine drying equipment│Air conditioning auxiliary electric heater│Electric heater│X aluminum alloy electric heater │Sichuan finned tube radiator plant is a professional producing radiator factory. For many years, under the support of colleges and universities, scientific research units and each user, it has formed a production system of certain size. Our factory can produce domestic various specifications of radiator, and also continuously develop new varieties of radiator. Now, the main types of radiator are: High-temperature water or steam radiator (GL, SRZ, S, U, SRL, L, etc.), high-temperature heat conducting oil radiator(FUL), surface air cooler (KL, TL), steam radiator (GL, SRZ, S, U, SRL, L, etc), high-temperature heat conducting oil radiator(FUL), etc

  Electric heating is one of our main products. We mainly engaged in the production and research of high-grade electric heater, especially with solid strength in the design of all kinds of electric heater. X aluminum alloy electric heater is our factory's independent develop new products. Wind electric heater has been already used widely in the air conditioning industry. Up to now, we have cooperated with many air conditioning manufacturers and obtained consistent high praise from customers. In addition, our electrical heating products and high precision temperature control system are widely used in the central air conditioning, wood drying pharmaceutical and chemical machinery.




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